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Google Chrome Extension – America Online ( Web Search, an Omnibox extension

Google Chrome Omnibox Search extension that enables you to search America Online ( from the Omnibox.  To use, simply type ‘aol’, a space, and your search query into the Omnibox and it will open your search results up in a new tab. While America Online has web search that also sports the ‘Powered By Google’ badge, America Online has had web search features for quite some time and I believe they supplement their results with their own. The ranking is different at the very least.


	"name" : "America Online Web Search",
	"short_name": "aol Search",
	"description" : "To use, type 'aol' & space, and a query term into the Omnibox.",
	"version" : "0.1",
	"background" : {
		"scripts" : ["background.js"]
	"omnibox" : {
		"keyword" : "aol"
	"icons" : {
		"16" : "aol_16.png",
		"32" : "aol_32.png",
		"48" : "aol_48.png",
		"128" : "aol_128.png"
	"manifest_version" : 2


chrome.omnibox.onInputEntered.addListener(function (text) {
	var createProperties = {
		url : ""
		 + encodeURIComponent(text)
.addListener(function () {
	var suggestion = {
		description : "Search using America Online Web Search for the query: %s "

Install America Online Web Search Extension (chrome store)


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