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Update – The You-Tube Search extension for Chrome is now renamed to uTube Search

You-Tube Search was taken down and replaced with uTube Search

You-Tube Search was taken down and replaced with uTube Search

Google is fussy about copyright stuff and browser extensions. I used a dash in the name to get around their copyright rules – they caught me. Google owns, as well as apparently (even though it doesn’t resolve, it goes through google nameservers) – they don’t own (Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation does – I don’t think they’ll complain about my browser extension). So I think this new name will be OK (hopefully). I just want to mention that I am just trying to make searching easier and more convenient  – nothing more.  I’m sorry if this caused my users or Google any inconvenience or problems.

The newly named version (uTube Search) is available in the Chrome Store here.

Browser Extension, Google Chrome, Javascript, You-Tube-Search

Google Chrome Extension – You-Tube ( Search, an Omnibox extension

Google Chrome Omnibox Search extension that enables you to search YouTube from the Omnibox.  To use, simply type ‘yt’, a space, and your search query into the Omnibox and it will open your search results up in a new tab.


	"name" : "You-Tube Search",
	"short_name": "yt Search",
	"description" : "To use, type 'yt' & space, and a query term into the Omnibox.",
	"version" : "0.1",
	"background" : {
		"scripts" : ["background.js"]
	"omnibox" : {
		"keyword" : "yt"
	"icons" : {
		"16" : "yt_16.png",
		"32" : "yt_32.png",
		"48" : "yt_48.png",
		"128" : "yt_128.png"
	"manifest_version" : 2


chrome.omnibox.onInputEntered.addListener(function (text) {
	var createProperties = {
		url : ""
		 + encodeURIComponent(text)
.addListener(function () {
	var suggestion = {
		description : "Search YouTube for the query: %s "

Install You-Tube Search Extension (chrome store)