Prattsville N.Y.

This years Mudfest festival was covered by the local news stations. The finale of the fireworks show was better this year – really rocked the valley. No, I didn’t record the fireworks as I was too busy enjoying myself; maybe next year. Happy festivus and may the fall be as beautiful as the summer!

AIR, Javascript, Prattsville N.Y., Windows

Adobe AIR Application – Prattsville NY Creek Gauge (Alpha release – Windows only)

Simple System Tray Icon application that keeps a small meter that displays the water level of the Schoharie Creek in Prattsville N.Y. within sight on the Windows desktop

This is a useless application to anyone other than people who live in Prattsville N.Y. and the surrounding area. It utilizes the data received from the unmanned experimental sensor located in Prattsville (the gage house is on the side of the creek down by the bridge). There is no Mac functionality at this time for this application (maybe later on). The code is less than elegant at this point. However, there is a view source context menu item if you would like to view the code anyway (Mac users unzip the installer).
I wrote this application for myself to keep an eye on the creek water level in my neighborhood – sorry if its not perfect at this point.

  • Downloads water level datum and default hydrograph every 30 minutes (And caches them on the system in case of disconnection).
  • Click on the icon to download and display the most recent NOAA hydrograph in the lower right corner of the viewport
    (click on it again to make it go away)

  • Icon displayed changes to reflect changes in the water level.
  • Added context menu items that open various pages related to Prattsville N.Y. in the default browser

Download Prattsville NY Creek Gauge
(Requires Adobe AIR)

				  File: PrattsvilleCreek.air
				CRC-32: 4d057fdb
				   MD4: 0f5aa9605d292368cb546fc55ef8d81c
				   MD5: f53dbe407bfc5b477c84a7d9f66d0071
				 SHA-1: fdf93f2f2af533d8e80c84ad1a7621a7269279c5