FileSystemWatcher Class in VB.NET

  Just a quick post on using the Microsoft file system watcher component in the .Net framework with Visual Basic. Utilizing the Microsoft file system watcher component in .Net with Visual Basic, you’re able to watch a directory structure for changes to its contents and respond with Visual Basic code. Using file watching component is pretty simple on the surface. Microsoft provides enough example code in their documentation to give any new user a great head start. Basically, to use the file system watcher component you have to first set permissions to full trust, create a new file system … Continue reading FileSystemWatcher Class in VB.NET

Synchronous Delegate in VB.NET

I didn’t know why I would need one either until the need came up (“Oh no, my UI is on a different thread!”). Delegates are described as similar to function pointers in C++ in the Microsoft documentation. When I read that I said to myself “yeah, but Visual Basic doesn’t work like that wonderful and painfully frustrating language that AT&T invented so long ago”. So Microsoft still has to learn that Chinese is painful if you’re not from China. I’m discovering in the new VB, it does kinda work like that – a little. In my case I had a … Continue reading Synchronous Delegate in VB.NET

Internet Explorer 11 Context Menu Chooser Application Version 3

This is an application that allows you to pick and choose which of the many context menu add-ons you would like enabled in your browser. Internet Explorer does not support nested context menus so this I wrote this application to make it easy to enable and disable different menu items you may want to use (instead of separate scripts). The context menu items are broke up into 8 groups: Share-it, Analyze-it, Analyze-it-Scritch, Analyze-it-Viewdns, Plurk-it, Google-it, Look-it-up, and IE-Utility. The IE-Utility menu items are usually located in the Tools menu in the menubar on top which isn’t shown by default (just … Continue reading Internet Explorer 11 Context Menu Chooser Application Version 3

MilSpecGreen Windows Theme

This is a high contrast theme that I can actually endure using late at night without getting frustrated. This theme works great on Windows 10 and Windows 8. I even did a version for Windows 7 to make all of my systems match. Hope you get some use out of them. The download links and screenshots are below. Sore eyes caused me to create this theme. I actually didn’t want to create a theme at all at first. All I really wanted to do at first was to change the background color of Windows Explorer by changing values in the … Continue reading MilSpecGreen Windows Theme

Windows Admin Command Prompt Here and Desktop Shutdown Menu Items

Just a couple of Windows tweaks scripted into nice small nullsoft installers for convenience. This way if you want to remove them at any time in the future you just uninstall them as you would any other program, Although they were scripted on and for Windows 10, they should also work for all older versions of Windows as well. Admin Command Prompt Here Menu Item The Admin Command Prompt Here menu item will appear when you right click on, or inside of, any folder in Windows Explorer. It provide you with an elevated command prompt when you click on it. … Continue reading Windows Admin Command Prompt Here and Desktop Shutdown Menu Items

Internet Explorer Context Menu Chooser Application Version 2

With this new version the Analyze-it context menus were updated to the most recent version. Analyze-it contained so many menu items that I had to add a counter to the interface to indicate when there are more than the twenty menu item visible limit. The menu counter is only active for page context (basic context menu the page provides – nothing selected in other words) menu items. I suppose when there are more than twenty selected text context menus I’ll have to add another one; this is good for now. The counter only indicates when you are over the visible … Continue reading Internet Explorer Context Menu Chooser Application Version 2

IE11 Menu Addons – New Version – 1 – Happy New Year!

  This release basically fixes a few bugs and adds Google Music Search to the menu. I’ll be using whole numbers from now on on these installers (just makes things easier). I had to remove tumblr from the menu as their format changed (no more sharing with a GET request). Fixed the Fetch and Guess tools to be compliant with their new versions – so they should work properly. The spaces in query bug in Google Open Storage search was fixed – so multi word queries work properly. Download and Install IE11 Menu Addons for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 … Continue reading IE11 Menu Addons – New Version – 1 – Happy New Year!

This is My Take on Windows 10 Technical Preview

I had the opportunity to try out the Windows 10 Technical Preview recently and I was happy to see that the Start menu has returned with a facelift of sorts. The Start menu on Windows 8, as we all know, was changed to suit a touch interface. This was really great for their premiere surface tablet line up – but for desktop users without touch functionality this left a lot to be desired. Personally, I do far too much on my system to even be able to rely on a touch interface at this point. The keyboard and mouse will … Continue reading This is My Take on Windows 10 Technical Preview