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Google Chrome Extension – Amazon Web Search, an Omnibox extension

Google Chrome Omnibox Search extension that enables you to search the web using Amazon from the Omnibox.  While still experimental at Amazon and powered by Google; if Amazon turns its computing might towards web search – we’re all in for great results. To be fair, Amazon’s web search experiment is named Amazon Smart Search (which is easily confused with its commercial endeavors) (besides, how would ‘___ query term here’ look to you every day while using it?) – not Amazon Web Search (which is used in the extension). Also, I feel its fair to mention that there’s almost twice as many paid results (ads) on these result pages.

To use, simply type ‘aws’, a space, and your search query into the Omnibox and it will open your search results up in a new tab.


	"name" : "Amazon Web Search",
	"short_name": "aws Search",
	"description" : "To use, type 'aws' & space, and a query term into the Omnibox.",
	"version" : "0.1",
	"background" : {
		"scripts" : ["background.js"]
	"omnibox" : {
		"keyword" : "aws"
	"icons" : {
		"16" : "aweb_16.png",
		"32" : "aweb_32.png",
		"48" : "aweb_48.png",
		"128" : "aweb_128.png"
	"manifest_version" : 2


chrome.omnibox.onInputEntered.addListener(function (text) {
	var createProperties = {
		url : ""
		 + encodeURIComponent(text)
.addListener(function () {
	var suggestion = {
		description : "Search using Amazon Web Search for the query: %s "

Install Amazon Web Search Extension (source zip)

CRC-32: 242f84bc
MD4: 7fffda73151dbf33aba8c5fae00a3ee8
MD5: 8f575adb94b0cfb32ac8094d78dafa03
SHA-1: 874a58947df97fdd3da00583e6b11ed941de0c81


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