Windows Admin Command Prompt Here and Desktop Shutdown Menu Items

Just a couple of Windows tweaks scripted into nice small nullsoft installers for convenience. This way if you want to remove them at any time in the future you just uninstall them as you would any other program, Although they were scripted on and for Windows 10, they should also work for all older versions of Windows as well.

Admin Command Prompt Here Menu Item

The Admin Command Prompt Here menu item will appear when you right click on, or inside of, any folder in Windows Explorer. It provide you with an elevated command prompt when you click on it. If you’re in the business of using command line tools often this menu item is a real time saver.

Download Installer Here

Desktop Shutdown Menu Item

You know what’s nice? Right clicking on the desktop and clicking on the Shutdown menu item to exit Windows. If you’re on a desktop system you’ll never stop using this one.

Download Installer Here


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