Browser Extension, Google Chrome, Javascript, Plurk-It

Plurk-it A Simple Google Chrome Extension for using


"name": "Plurk-it", "description": "Adds context menu item that shares the current page on Plurk. If text is selected, provides a context menu item to search plurk posts for the selected text.",
"version": "0.1",
"permissions": ["contextMenus"],
"background": { "scripts": ["app.js"] },
"manifest_version": 2


chrome.contextMenus.create({"title": "Plurk-it", "contexts":["page"],"onclick": plurkIt});
function plurkIt(i, t){
var createProperties = {url: "" + encodeURIComponent(t.title) + "%20%2D%20" + encodeURI(t.url)};
chrome.contextMenus.create({"title": "Search Plurks", "contexts":["selection"],"onclick": searchPlurks});
function searchPlurks(i, t){
var createProperties = {url: "" + encodeURIComponent(i.selectionText)};

Another simple add-on that makes using easier. Demonstrates getting tab info (title and url) passed to the context menu click handler function. In case you didn’t know, Plurk was the first to timeline user posts (long before facebook did).


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