Tim’s Dojo Toolkit Resource Links

Of all the JavaScript libraries on the Internet today Dojo stands out from the crowd. No, I’m not saying that it is the most popular by any means (I believe jQuery takes the cake). But for hard core business web page programming Dojo wins out hands down in my opinion. Major corporations the world over such as IBM, BeOS, and AOL use this framework for good reason; it abstracts away many of the inconveniences and pitfalls of cross browser web development. Here’s some good links to get you started (in no particular order so you’ll have to pick through them – sorry).

If you know of any good Dojo links please leave them in a comment so that everyone can know them. Happy JavaScripting!

I recently snatched up the Dojo Findings blog name at blogspot to discuss the dojo toolkit tutorials I come across on the web. Check it out!


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